Cottage garden eller en engelsk folkelig have. Hovedtrækket for den er at den ikke er designet, men vokser organisk frem. De er ret uprætentiøse og har ingen ambition om at være "kunstværker". Men de er til stor glæde for haveejeren. Og de er ikke specielt arbejdsbesparende anlagt.

Citat: Jertrude Jekyll - Cottage gardens

I have learnt much from the little cottage gardens that help to make our English waysides the prettiest in the temperate world. One can hardly go into the smallest cottage garden with out learning or observing something new .

Citat: Gertrude Jekyll - Roser

What a splendid exercise it would be if people would only go round their places and look for all the ugly corners, and just think how they might be meade beautifull by the use of free-growing Roses.Often there is some bare yard, and it has come within my own ekperience to say to the owner, "Why not have rambling Roses on the bare walls and arches?" and to have the answers, "But we cannot, because the yard is paved or perhaps asphalted." Is not a grand Rose worth the trouble of taking up two squares of flagging or cemented surface?  

Citat: Gertrude Jekyll - Små og store haver

The size of a garden has very little to do with its merit. It is merely an accident relating to the circumstances of the owner. It is the size of his heartand brain and goodwill that will make his garden either delightfull op dull, as the case may be, towards the work of fine art. If a man knows much, it is more difficult for him to deal with a small space than a larger, for he will have to make the more sacrifice; but if he is wise he will at once make up his mind about what he will let go, and how he may best treat the restricted space. 

Citat: W. George Schmid - Græsplæner

Citat fra W. George Schmid: "An Encyclopedia of Shade Perrenials" s.15. Timber press.
"Lawns, on the other hand, are biological deserts. Their wide-open discourages birds and other wildlife. There are no nesting spots, no places to burrow (except for moles, perhaps), and absolutely no placeo hide. The only critteres living in or under lawns are grubs, army worms, and other non-beneficial bugs. So we apply poison to be rid of them, thus releasing more toxins into our already afflicted environment and leaving nothing but a green but genuine wasteland called a lawn. Not even the insect pests are alive, and birds and other visiting wildlife eating their toxic remain get poisoned as well. This is not gardening either."

Citat: Gertrude Jekyll

For love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to sn enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness.

Peter Olesen

Peter Olesen har skrevet om sin vilde have i "Min vilde eventyrhave.'' En rigtig god bog, der kan anbefales. Den er godt skrevet og hurtig læst. God at få forstand af og lige nyde nuet og alt det uforudsete i haven. En haveelskers uforbeholdne glæde over havens natur.

Om sin vilde eventyrhave skriver han: "At have en vild have er at have en voksentumleplads, en legeplads, et eksperimentarium, et sted at få afløb for en masse nye ideer og fantasier, et sted at afreagere, blive væk, holde sig i form og bevægelse, koble fra, finde ro, falde ned og få godt ondt i ryggen og blive øm og sundt træt i kroppen. Måske ligefrem en gang imellem være så heldig ar glemme sig selv og for en stund blive et med naturen."

Så læs nu denne bog!